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How to increase mobile app downloads in 21 days

If you are about to launch your mobile app or if you are a mobile app development company and soon your customer is going to launch their mobile application, here’s a guide for you all. We have seen how hard people struggle to bring their audience to their app. It is definitely a difficult task full of challenges and risks but not impossible. Should I tell you one fun fact? Okay, so more than 2,000 applications are submitted daily to google store, out of which, not more than 30% get success.

According to a report, 70% percent of apps don’t generate more than 5000 downloads and the reasons are failed marketing strategies. If you are not creating the right plan to increase your app downloads, greater are the chances your application will flop miserably and lose its place in the app store. 

To help you hit the bars and gain success, below are our expert-recommended tips. These tips will help you increase your leads and more of them will install your application. So, without waiting any further, let’s begin with the first tip.

1. Go For a Creative Icon

Creativity is the best marketing tool I tell you. When talking about ways to increase your application installers, you cannot miss thinking about your icon. The icon of your application is the first thing your client will see. Therefore, choose a design that can contribute to your success. Like a logo for your brand, an icon holds alike importance.

No matter how hard you work on user experience, if your icon is not captivating, your potential will not download your application. It is the first representation of your application that cannot go wrong in any case. You don’t have the liberty at the moment to test it. You can only see the results after launching, therefore, instead of trying new colors, stick to the archaic ones that are still not outdated.

2. Work On Content Marketing

You might not know but in today’s competitive world, content is everything. Gone are the days when people would make decisions seeing your pictures? Today, they read about you and try to know you. Moreover, the times when YouTube ads were bringing great traffic has departed too. Today, most of the customers are pitching their service providers via websites and love reading the content that holds their interest.

In this era, engaging content is a key to winning a customer’s heart. You need to work on your buyers’ persona and identify your niches. Try to write content for niches that your customers love reading on. For instance, if you are a guest house provider in Sri Lanka, write on the places that are worth going to. You can also write on the to-do list for Sri Lanka. In all such blogs, include the link to your application and add words to bring the reader to your store.

3. Social Media Outreach

Toget excellent traffic, work hard on expanding your online presence. The robust your presence will be, the easier it will get for you to convey your message. Since social media is a large medium, you have to be very meticulous with all your moves. One wrong step and boom! You’re gone! Remember to include posts that resonate with your clients and match their voices.

Instead of providing services, focus on providing solutions. Market like you are not marketing. Also, when you have finally achieved a sound social media presence, don’t lose the rope. Most of the developers lose their consistency and return to point zero. Don’t do that mistake.

4. Encourage User Reviews

Word of mouth is one of the most returning marketing tactics. The most you can get of your patrons is to ask them to leave you a review. We have seen a massive surge in app downloads with just positive reviews. Instead of trying and regretting, most people like to trust genuine customer reviews. The ones which don’t have identity hidden bring more benefits, just in case you think to hide the customers’ names.

If you are tempted to buy fake customer testimonials, beware! Though it can help you get some clients, however, if you get caught, it will get your application suspended entirely. Therefore, go for organic reviews. Tell your customer how valuable their words can get.

5. Use Eye-Catching Photos and Videos

One of the biggest flaws that we have noticed in most of the websites is poor videos and photos. Many developers work hard on the navigation but ignore the colors and designs of the interface. While working on the mobile application, you must remember that it is one important aspect that you have to pay heed to.

Unless the inner pages of your application are not appealing, they will not draw your audiences’ attention. As a result, you may not receive as many downloads as you anticipated. Add photos related to your business, pick some design related to your features, etc. this will encourage downloads and you will definitely see a notable result.

6. Host a Giveaway

Giveaways can never get old. It is everyone’s favorite tactic to bring heaps of downloads in the shortest time. To market your app at its best, host a giveaway. This will help you turn the overall game and we can guarantee it will bring you the most downloads. Keep it as simple as possible.

For instance, if you are a doughnut company, you can give away a box of four with every purchase till your stock lasts. This practice will bring you massive traffic and will be a great trick to introduce your taste.

7. Ask Your Friends and Family to Spread the Word

What else friends are for than eating and giggling together? We say marketing. When you are about to drop your mobile app to the market, ask your friends and family to download it, review and ask their circles to do so. This practice will definitely bring some prominent results.


To launch your app, work like a pro mobile app development company and focus on the above-listed tips. All of them are beneficial for you and we promise you won’t regret them. Another tip to bring substantial traffic is working on a launch-show-iterate strategy. As evident from the name, first, you need to market your app, show it to your customers and iterate it according to the feedback. However, this is a rebranding strategy, so focus on the above first.

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