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The Top Ten Logo Fonts And How To Choose The Perfect One

Choosing the right font is a critical part of designing a perfect logo. According to some professional logo design service providers, it can make or break your brand. Therefore, one has to be very meticulous while selecting the correct font. Since the logo is the first interaction of your brand to your audience, it must have a font that can speak a story and attract your leads. The typography of your logo speaks a thousand words and has the tendency to influence your prospects’ decisions. If you fail to pick the right font, you might miss out on one of the biggest chunks of your logo.

Moreover, it works like a game-changer for brands. If you are an already existing brand and considering rebranding, the fonts can change your entire game. So to avoid spelling the hurdle and bring your customers to your store, working hard on your logo’s typography is important.

Top ten logo fonts and ways to select the best one

Following are the top ten logo fonts that experts recommend. Using them, you can craft an exceptional design that can draw your audiences’ attention and encourage them to try you for at least once.

Exo 2

One of the most elegant designs to make your logo, Exo 2 is a Sans Serif font used to convey a futuristic element of your brand. It is a versatile font and a redesign of Exo 1.

Exo 2 has nine weights and all of them have an italic version. More or less, this font for the logo has been downloaded 85,000 times, which is definitely a huge number.


Stated by Massimo Vignelli, it is one of the most elegant typefaces ever designed. It is an epitome of a well-balanced font and has solid vertical strokes that are strong and have lighter arches with curves. This typography came into existence when designers were experimenting with thick and thick characteristics.

Bodoni is typically known for its dramatic effects and has got fame from some famous brands like Calvin Klein and vogue.


Roboto belongs to the sans serif family and possesses a dual nature. If you have an adobe fonts account, you can have access to Roboto for free. However, it’s also available through an open-source license.

The font has nine weights but doesn’t include italic styles. When integrated with Roboto Slab, Roboto goes very well and web-safe safe font and has a mechanical skeleton with open curves.

Nunito Sans

Belonging to sans serif’s typeface superfamily, Nunito Sans comes with two versions. It goes very well with Theano Didot as it has x-height and short descenders.

One great alternative of Nunito Sans is Avenir. It is geometric and has a liner sans serif.

Nunito Sans is also available via open source license and can be used free with the adobe fonts library.


One of the most balanced fonts for logos, Didot is perfectly thick and thin and is heavy yet light at the same time. This font brings some outstanding and dramatic effects to a logo.

Famous companies like ZARA, Dior, and Armani are also fans of this extraordinary font.


Monstserrat was released in 2011 by Julieta Ulanonsky, who is an Argentinian graphic designer.

This font goes perfect with Roboto, open sans, Georgia and Lato. Moreover, it also has more characters than Helvetica and even Arial.

The font typically brings a feeling of trust in the brand’s logo design.


Rufina was introduced by Martin Simmaruga and has been downloaded more than 35,000 times. This font is simple yet delicate. It has a stylistic direction that gives an artistic element to the design.


Released in 2015, Lato is also a sans serif typeface crafted by a Warsaw-based designer, Lukasz Dziedzic.

It is said that Lato has been used on over 9.5 million sites. The stat speaks for the worth of this font and it is the third-best font on google fonts.

It is one of the most unique and captivating fonts of sans serif and includes ten styles.


A nice, sophisticated, and professional font that includes six styles.

Cassannet is also a sans serif design and was a design of Atipo, a Spanish foundry.

The free font can be easily downloaded and is thin, bold, light, and regular.

Cassannet has a modern elegant feel and comes with one weight Cassannet. The font has six styles and is one of the best to use for personal and commercial logos.


Cardo has a traditional feel and is typically used by classicists, scholars, linguists, and mediaevalists. It is an old-style serif typeface but still loved by many.

The first version of cardo was first released in 2002 by David j. Perry.

Cardo is a classical font, typically used for academic brands. The fonts that go well with cardo are Roboto, Lato, and Montserrat.

How To Choose The Perfect One

Consider Following Pointers While Choosing The Perfect Font For Your Brand’s Logo.

Does It Resonate With Your Brand’s Personality?

Every brand has a specific personality and tone. While picking your perfect font, make sure it is the right serif your brand wants.

If you are going for a classical business and design, Cardo is best. Otherwise, for modern, consider choosing a font from the San Sarif family.

Can Draw Your Target Audiences’ Attention

Keeping your target audience in mind should be your foremost priority when selecting a font for your brand’s logo.

It has to align with your prospects’ needs and must have the capability to catch your audience’s eye. Go for a mature font that is decent and can connect well with your target audience.

Is It Scalable

Your logo will go places. Therefore, to bring more conversions, choose a font that is scalable and can adjust in various mediums.

Keep in mind all the digital and print platforms you will market your brand at and then choose the right font.


Analyzing your brand’s personality and message, you can choose any of the above fonts for your brand’s logo design. However, remember to not forget your target market and you are good to go. All these fonts are professional logo design service providers’ favorites and they all vouch for these typographies.

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