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How Can Mobile Apps Help Retail Success?

The year, 2022, is all set to see a massive surge of over 7.26 billion mobile users around the world. This stat has increased dramatically over the last decade. We are seeing how everything is going mobile and how companies are leveraging this smart tool to optimize their businesses. App development over the last few years has given a lot of benefits to retail businesses. According to Flurry research, Americans spend an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes per day surfing around the mobile apps for buying and selling purposes. The opportunities for retail traders today are massive as the number of channel-agnostic shoppers is increasing day by day.

Today, online businesses are welcoming more customers than brick-and-mortar businesses. Though this change was bound to happen, the covid lockdowns made it quicker. As a result, more and more companies today are shifting online and we believe this is the way new normal will forever look like. In this era, digital apps are becoming a prominent tool for retailers. If you are from that retailer’s clan, who are planning to shift their business online, please pay heed to give it a go.

To convince you, here are the ways mobile applications are helping retail succeed. Not only do they help you sail through the deep ocean of the competitive market but are also more convenient in terms of usage.

1. Increased Customers’ Engagement

Customer engagement has always been an important part of any retail business. From small home-based businesses to huge enterprises, no business can run without effective customer engagement. The wish list that comes in handy with your business app fascinates the audience and helps them shop their favorite items.

Moreover, the easy purchasing and these wish lists let prospects save their favorite item, and purchase them when feasible. The coupons and promotions your retail app will carry, have a huge impact on bringing your leads to your store. A survey by RetailMeNot states that over 33% of consumers accepted to be bargain hunters and love crawling to the applications that offer great shopping discounts.

2. Enhances Accessibility

Though businesses have shifted online, on-site availability has not lost its worth. It is just that with on-site, you are now also available off-site regardless of what time and day it is. Earlier you might be working on the weekdays only but with the mobile app, you are available 24/7-365 and always available to assist your prospective audience.

Also, the mobile application for your retail helps leads know about your product without wasting their time to come to your offline store. They can now read all the product information through your app and mend their purchasing decision. Apart from this, your inventory manager can also keep a track of your stock list and pending stocks to make efficient inventory decisions.

3. Database Of App Installers

Your app installers will be undoubtedly your prospective clients. When someone downloads your applications, it gives you a margin to gain access to that person’s information. Though you should consider asking for permission first, however, your app automatically collects this data.

The collected data can offer a lot of benefits to you. You can use this information to send customized ads to your clients and recommend them their favorites based on prior purchases. This action helps in creating a more relevant buying experience for your targeted customers.

4. Better Customer Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program can bring you boundless advantages. As said earlier, customers love bargains. Other than giving benefits to your long-term customers, they also benefit new ones and bring heaps of leads to your store.

Forget the mainstream discount voucher, loyalty cards, advertisement brochures, and all. Now it’s time to showcase your deals and discounts on your own mobile app and stand out from your competitors. All your customers who download your app will be able to see such offers. Some might visit your physical store but most of them will do their shopping online, so this is a win-win approach from all aspects.

5. Makes Shopping Convenient For Prospects

Online shopping was always amazing since its debut. However, become a necessity during the coronavirus outbreak. Even today, when we have almost settled with this virus, and government-imposed lockdowns have been lifted, shopping online is more convenient than going out in scorching heat or the freezing cold.

People still prefer buying goods online than packing their bags, fueling their cars, and then carrying all the stuff back home. We cannot deny that there are still people who live outdoor shopping but with a beautifully designed app and catchy headlines, you can take hold of them too.

6. Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment options give you an opportunity to deal with overseas customers. Now without any tension, your customers living abroad can place their orders and avail your services. There are several payments options at your disposal that you can integrate into your app. This drill creates an opening for your foreign clients to order from you.

7. Customer Testimonials

We all know what worth word of mouth holds. More than eighty-five percent of customers first check consumer reviews and then proceed with adding their orders to the cart. In today’s aggressive market it has become extremely difficult to bring new customers to your store. In this case, the client reviews and recommendations section plays a huge part. It improves conversion rates and brings more sales to online stores.

According to Cisco research, more than 63% of online buyers mend their purchasing decision based on customer ratings, which means it does have a considerable influence.

8. Better Customer Retention

Many retailers in order to acquire new customers, forget their long-lost clients. Now gone are the days when email marketing would bring an ample amount of people to your stores. Today, push notifications have taken over the power and are benefiting sellers in the best way possible. It is one outstanding approach that brings back your missing client, makes them a retaining one, and helps expand your clientele.   

Start Boosting Your Revenue Today!

So, without wasting any extra time, start searching for an app development guru. They’ll help you come up with an eye-catching mobile application. Which can be a great way to increase your revenue and bring a great return on your investment.

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